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Book, website, song, drawing, poem, music

Caution- Do NOT submit your work of authorship overseas through an online form

US Copyright Office

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$499 US Copyright Attorney fee for the preparation of the US Library of Congress forms and an electronic filing of your work.

Have a US Copyright Attorney file your Copyright Application here in the US.

Plus a $45 government-filing fee to the US Copyright Office.

Total: $544.

Send us a message under the contact tab above.  Include:
Subject: “Copyright”
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We will send you an engagement agreement to engage you as a client, along with instructions of information you need to provide us in order to properly apply for a US Copyright,  and a $544 invoice via PayPal (from the law firm of Balser & Grell IP Law). Upon return of your information and an electronic copy of your work,  and your payment of a $544 invoice via PayPal a Copyright Attorney will contact you.  Then we will proceed with preparing your US Copyright application filing forms and electronically file your work as provided.

Please note, NO editing  of your work will be provided.

US residents only.

$499 Copyright Application